Welcome to our firmware page! Here, you will find a number of pre-patched firmwares for download. Please note that because LiteOn is a large OEM manufacturer, there are many LiteOn-made drives out there that do not carry the LiteOn label. It is generally okay to use "real" LiteOn firmwares with these so-called rebadged drives. There are also a select few rebadged firmwares available for download, for those who do not wish to use a "real" LiteOn firmware.

Flashing: A number of the firmwares provided here are enclosed in an executable flasher. These firmwares can be easily flashed by simply running the flasher. However, there are some firmwares here that are provided in the raw .BIN format. Information on how to flash these .BIN firmwares should be included in the firmware package.

Please read the enclosed documentation before using anything that you download from this page!


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