Autopatchers are easy do-it-yourself tools to patch firmwares. You can apply your favorite combination of patches to your favorite firmware revision using these tools.

Please read the enclosed documentation before using anything that you download from this page!

Patch Utility for Samsung/Sony DVD Writers
A graphical patching tool for Samsung/Sony DVD Writers.
• Download: Version 2.3.1
Note: Currently supports Samsung 20x, 22x and Sony MTK based drives.
OmniPatcher for LiteOn/Sony Optical Drives
A graphical all-in-one patcher for... just about anything! Make a custom-patched firmware tailored for your own needs with this patcher!
• Download: Version 2.6.2 (changelog)
Note: Does not support 5S DVD writer models or later. DVD readers are supported where possible.
All of our other patching tools have been retired...
Their functionality have been integrated into OmniPatcher 2.

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