Please read the enclosed documentation before using anything that you download from this page!

EEPROM Utility for LiteOn/Sony Drives
Simple save and restore of the eeprom, plus resetting of the learnt media calibration data, 401S/411S@811S crossflashing and checksum repair
• Download: Version 3.2.0
• More Info: EEPROM Utility thread at CD Freaks
XFlash Utility for LiteOn/Sony Optical Drives
Extracts raw firmwares (.BIN format) from LiteOn's Windows firmware flashers
• Download: Version 3.0.2
• More Info: XFlash-X forum thread at CD Freaks
IDE Location Changer for Slimtype Drives (provided by LiteOn tech support)
Changes the master/slave setting for jumperless LiteOn laptop drives
• Download: slim_master-slave.rar